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One of the books, generally the fifth, of the Khuddakanikāya. It consists of five chapters (vagga) — Uraga, Cūḷa, Mahā, Aṭṭhaka, and Pārāyana — the first four consisting of fifty-four short lyrics, while the fifth contains sixteen suttas.¹ Of the thirty-eight poems in the first three cantos, six are found in other books of the canon, showing that they had probably existed separately, as popular poems, before being incorporated in the Suttanipāta. The fourth canto is referred to in the Saṃyuttanikāya, the Vinaya Piṭaka and the Udāna, as a separate work, and this canto was probably very closely associated with the last, because the Niddesa is obviously an old Commentary on them and takes no notice of the remaining cantos. (For a detailed account see Law, Pāḷi Literature, i.232 f )

The Dīghabhāṇakā included the Suttanipāta in the Abhidhamma Piṭaka (DA.i.15).

A Commentary exists on the Suttanipāta, written by Buddhaghosa, and called the Paramatthajotikā.

Suttanipāta Translation by Viggo FausbollSuttanipāta translated by Viggo Fausböll in E-pub format, from Reading Faithfully.org

1. Uraga Vaggo

  1. Uraga Sutta
  2. Dhaniya Sutta
  3. Khaggavisāṇa Sutta
  4. Kasibhāradvāja Sutta
  5. Cunda Sutta
  6. Parābhava Sutta
  7. Vasala Sutta
  8. Metta Sutta
  9. Hemavata Sutta
  10. Āḷavaka Sutta
  11. Vijaya Sutta
  12. Muṇi Sutta

2. Cūḷa Vaggo

  1. Ratana Sutta
  2. Āmagandha Sutta
  3. Hiri Sutta
  4. Maṅgala Sutta
  5. Sūciloma Sutta
  6. Dhammacariya Sutta
  7. Brāhmaṇadhammika Sutta
  8. Nāvā Sutta
  9. Kiṃsīla Sutta
  10. Uṭṭhāna Sutta
  11. Rāhula Sutta
  12. Nigrodha Kappa Sutta
  13. Sammāparibbājanīya Sutta
  14. Dhammika Sutta

3. Mahā Vaggo

  1. Pabbajjā Sutta
  2. Padhāna Sutta
  3. Subhāsita Sutta
  4. Sundarika-Bhāradvāja Sutta
  5. Māgha Sutta
  6. Sabhiya Sutta
  7. Sela Sutta
  8. Salla Sutta
  9. Vāseṭṭha Sutta
  10. Kokālika Sutta
  11. Nālaka Sutta
  12. Dvayatānupassanā Sutta

4. Aṭṭhaka Vaggo

  1. Kāma Sutta
  2. Guhaṭṭhaka Sutta
  3. Duṭṭhaṭṭhaka Sutta
  4. Suddhaṭṭhaka Sutta
  5. Paramaṭṭhaka Sutta
  6. Jarā Sutta
  7. Tissametteyya Sutta
  8. Pasūra Sutta
  9. Māgaṇḍiya Sutta
  10. Purābheda Sutta
  11. Kalahavivāda Sutta
  12. Cūḷabyūha Sutta
  13. Mahābyūha Sutta
  14. Tuvaṭaka Sutta
  15. Attadaṇḍa Sutta
  16. Sāriputta Sutta

5. Pārāyana Vaggo

Vatthu Gāthā

  1. Ajita-māṇava Pucchā
  2. Tissametteyya-māṇava Pucchā
  3. Puṇṇaka-māṇava Pucchā
  4. Mettagū-māṇava Pucchā
  5. Dhotaka-māṇava Pucchā
  6. Upasīva-māṇava Pucchā
  7. Nanda-māṇava Pucchā
  8. Hemaka-māṇava Pucchā
  9. Todeyya-māṇava Pucchā
  10. Kappa-māṇava Pucchā
  11. Jatukaṇṇi-māṇava Pucchā
  12. Bhadrāvudha-māṇava Pucchā
  13. Udaya-māṇava Pucchā
  14. Posāla-māṇava Pucchā
  15. Mogharāja-māṇava Pucchā
  16. Piṅgiya-māṇava Pucchā

¹ These are followed by an epilogue in praise of “The Way to the Beyond” (Pārāyanatthutigāthā) and an account of Piṅgiya’s encounter with the Buddha when he returns to see Bāvarī, his teacher. (s.v. Piṅgiya)