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1. Rohaṇa.– Grandfather of Migāra Rohaṇeyya (q.v.) AA.ii.697.

2. Rohaṇa.– A brahmin, grandson of Sekhuniya. He was a friend of the Licchavi Sāḷha, and a visit paid by both of them to Nandaka is recorded in the Aṅguttaranikāya. A.i.193 f.

3. Rohaṇa.– A Sakyan prince, one of the brothers of Bhaddakaccānā. He went over to Sri Lanka and there founded a settlement which was named after him. Mhv.ix.10; Dpv.x.6.

4. Rohaṇa.– One of the three main provinces of early Sri Lanka comprising the south eastern part of the island, the Mahāvāḷukagaṅgā forming its northern boundary. It was probably colonized by Rohaṇa (3). The capital of the province was Mahāgāma. When the northern parts of the island were in the hands of foreigners or usurpers, the Singhalese court, its nobles and loyalists, often sought refuge in Rohaṇa. It seems, for the most part, to have been very little controlled from the capital, and many rebellions against the ruler of the capital originated in Rohana. See Duṭṭhagāmaṇī and Vijayabāhu; also, e.g., Mhv.xxiii.13; xxxiii.37; xxxv.27 f., 67, 125; Cv.xxxviii.12, 39; xli.89 ff; xliv.54; xlviii.59, etc.

In times of persecution and scarcity the Buddhist monks found patronage and shelter among the inhabitants of Rohaṇa (e.g., Mhv.xxxvii.6). Even until about 600 A.C., Rohaṇa was regarded as a separate kingdom, holding, or at least claiming to hold, an independent position beside Anurādhapura (See, e.g., Cv.xlv.41).

5. Rohaṇa.– See the Rohaṇamiga Jātaka.

6. Rohaṇa Thera.– When Assagutta summoned the heads of the Order to a conference regarding the heresy of Milinda, Rohaṇa was lost in meditation, and a messenger had to be sent to fetch him. As punishment for this, he was charged with the task of persuading Nāgasena to join the Order. To achieve this purpose, Rohaṇa had to visit the house of Nāgasena’s father, Soṇuttara, during seven years and ten months, without ever receiving even a kind word, until, at last, one day Soṇuttara was pleased with his kindness and courtesy and gave him food daily at the house. When Nāgasena grew up and learnt the Vedas, Rohaṇa engaged him in discussion, as a result of which Nāgasena joined the Order under Rohaṇa, who, as his first preceptor, taught him the Abhidhamma. One day, Nāgasena thought lightly of his teacher, and Rohaṇa, reading his thoughts, chided him. Nāgasena begged his forgiveness, but Rohaṇa said he would forgive him only if he succeeded in refuting Milinda’s heretical views. Mil. 7 ff.

7. Rohaṇa.– Headman of the village of Kitti and father of Theraputtābhaya. Rohaṇa was a supporter of Mahāsumma Thera, and, having heard him teach at the Koṭapabbata-vihāra, he became a Stream-winner and joined the Order, later attaining Arahantship. Mhv.xxiii.55 ff.