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Aṅgulimāla Suttaṃ

WMVThe Aṅgulimāla Discourse

Parittaṃ yaṃ bhaṇantassa nisinnaṭṭhāna-dhovanaṃ

Udakampi vināseti sabbameva parissayaṃ.

The water that washed the seat of him who recited this paritta has put an end to all danger. At that very moment this paritta effected a safe delivery of the infant.

Sotthinā gabbhavuṭṭhānaṃ yañca sādheti taṅkhaṇe
Therass’ Aṅgulimālassa lokanāthena bhāsitaṃ
Kappaṭṭhāyiṃ mahātejaṃ parittaṃ taṃ bhaṇāmahe.

Now we shall recite that very efficacious paritta uttered by the Protector of the world (the Buddha) which holds good for an aeon.

1. Yatohaṃ bhagini ariyāya jātiyā jāto,
Nābhijānāmi sañciccapāṇaṃ jīvitā voropetā,
Tena saccena sotthi te hotu sotthi gabbhassa.

Sister, since I was born with the Ariyan birth, I have not knowingly and deliberately taken the life of any living being, by this truth may you be well and may your child be well.

Aṅgulimālasuttaṃ ārocaṭṭhaya vo rakkhatu

Aṅgulimālasuttaṃ maṅgalaṭṭhaya vo rakkhatu

Aṅgulimālasuttaṃ Niṭṭhitaṃ

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