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Related Links

Validated on 27th May 2021

» Access to Insight

PO Box 153

Lincoln, MA 01773 USA

Download the ATI website as a self-extracting archive: (10.2 Mb), without the PDF content. The ZIP version available from the ATI web site with PDF files is 80 Mb.
Ver: 28th October 2017.

» Bhāvanā Society

Rt. 1, Box 218-3

High View, WV 26808 USA

Forest Monastery and Retreat Centre about 100 miles from Washington DC run by Sri Lankan Mahāthera — Venerable Henepola Gunaratana. Retreats, ordination, publications.

» Buddhanet

An extensive Buddhist site created by Australian Bhikkhu Paññavaro. Includes books, talks, graphics, and chanting.  

Here you can find an excellent selection of PDF books, MP3 chanting, and educational resources. There is an extensive directory of Buddhist centres throughout the world.

» Buddhist Society

58 Eccleston Square,
London SW1V 1PH
Tel: 0207 834 5858

Well-organised site of the Buddhist Society in Victoria, with details of classes, publications, tapes, selected articles from the Middle Way Journal, and courses.

» Chanmyay Yeiktha

55(A) Kaba-Aye Pagoda Road

Rangoon, Myanmar

Meditation Centre in Rangoon, Burma, with a branch centre at Hmawbi, about 20 miles outside Rangoon.

» Dhamma Dīpa

Harewood End

Herefordshire HR2 8JS

U Ba Khin Meditation Centre

UK Branch of Sri Goenka’s Centre. (See Vipassanā Research Institute.)

» Gaia House

West Ogwell, Newton Abbot,

Devon TQ12 6EN, United Kingdom

Residential insight meditation retreats. Take a ten-day course or a three-month retreat. Link is to the retreat centre, because main link is not available at the time of updating.

» Going Forth

 A collection of links on personal reflections on life as a Theravāda Buddhist monk.


Splatts House, Heddington, Calne,

Wiltshire SN11 0PE

U Ba Khin Meditation Centre

Founded in 1978 to promote the practice of Buddhist Vipassanā meditation as taught by the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

» Insight Books

The Sun, Garaway Hill
Hertfordshire HR2 8EZ
Tel/Fax: 01981 580 436  

Sell books, tapes, and videos of teachings in the U Ba Khin tradition. “The Manuals of Buddhism” by Venerable Ledi Sayādaw is excellent.

» Mahāsi Organization

Mahāsi Meditation Centre
Rangoon, Burma

Information on Buddhanet

The Mahasi.org web site is currently not available online.

For information about retreats please see the information page at Buddhanet.

» Nibbana.com

 Extensive site for Theravāda Buddhism. Host for Burmese Vihāras in the UK, USA, and Burma, and links to other Buddhist sites. Many articles and books by Burmese Sayādaws, and photos of pagodas and other religious subjects.

» PTS Dictionary

Pali Text Society
73 Lime Walk
Headington, Oxford OX3 7AD

This online search facility is provided by the US Department of Education. You can use it to look up any Pāḷi Word.

For a hard copy, visit the PTS website.


Dictionary of Pali Proper Names

The Dictionary of Pali Proper Names edited by G.P. Malalasekera is a valuable reference work. It lists people, place names, discourses, etc., and gives many cross references to the texts and commentaries.

» Saraniya Dhamma Centre

420, Lower Broughton Road, Salford,

Greater Manchester, M7 2GD

A charitable organisation established since 1986/87 to help people who wish to learn and practise insight meditation, set up by Venerable Sayādaw U Paṇḍitābhivaṃsa

» Satipanya Buddhist Retreat

White Grit, Minsterly

Shropshire, SY5 0JN

A place to learn and practise Mahāsi Vipassanā Insight Meditation in a quiet environment in a secluded, though not isolated, country bungalow with annexe, sixteen miles south of Shrewsbury.

»Vipassanā Research Institute

Dhamma Giri

Igatpuri-422 403, India

Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana Pāḷi Tipiṭaka

U Ba Khin Vipassanā retreats

Public Domain Pāḷi Fonts.

Vipassanā Newsletter.

» Yellow Robe

Website run by a Chinese Buddhist who practised in Mahāsi Yeikthā. A good source for Mahāsi Sayādaw’s books.