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© You may print any of these books for your own use. However, all rights are reserved. You may not use any of the site content on your own website, nor for commercial distribution. To publish the books, permission must be sought from the appropriate copyright owners. If you post an extract on a forum, post a link to the appropriate page. Please do not link directly to PDF, MP3, or ZIP files. (Updated on 5 May, 2023)

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PDF Books and Leaflets


Wherever you see the Calibri Logo you can download a publication in *.epub format designed for reading on mobile devices. There are currently only a few titles available, but I have plans to provide all of the PDF publications as E-books in due course. The following titles are currently available:

Chanting for New Buddhists

Burmese Chanting Book

Download this PDF (329 K) to make your own Chanting Book. Formatted for printing as an A5 booklet on A4 landscape paper.

The book was originally produced for morning and evening chanting in Burmese monasteries. It includes:

The book is in Romanised Pāḷi with English Translations.

A Gift of the Dhamma

All of the publications on this site are provided as a gift of the Dhamma for the welfare and happiness of anyone and everyone. You are invited to read them or print them out for your own use without any charge or obligation. To support the Association, send donations to the Treasurer.

All rights are reserved

This means that you may not use any part of these publications, nor any of the copyright graphics, on your own website, nor print them for commercial distribution. To publish them, or to include an extract, permission must be sought from the copyright owners.

I believe that the views expressed in these publications are in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha. I would be pleased to know of any errors, but I have no time to correspond with those who hold opposing views. There are many Buddhist Forums that one can visit for polite discussion and debate. The Buddha advised that one should test his teaching as one would test gold before buying it. The original Pāli texts and many translations of the suttas quoted can be found from the Links page.

Printed Copies

I am not able to provide free booklets for everyone who visits my website, but you can obtain a PDF file of the original booklet. From the PDF file you can easily print your own copy.

Printing PDF Booklets

Note that the booklets should not be sold, but titles by Bhikkhu Pesala can be given away free without any further permission. To distribute other books, please seek permission from the authors.

Graphics and fonts are embedded in the PDF file, so everything should be exactly the same as the original booklets, with correct accents on Pāḷi words. If you spot any errors, or have trouble printing from the PDFs, please let me know at once so that I can update the file.

You can download PDF files wherever you see the PDF-XChange logo. PDF files are uncompressed, as the space saved by compression is just a few percent.

A much better alternative to Adobe Reader is »» PDF-XChange Editor. This has additional features such as annotation of PDF files, and is extremely customisable.