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Vaṭṭa Parittaṃ

WMVThe Quail’s Protection

Pūrentaṃ bodhi sambhāre,
nibbattaṃ vaṭṭajātiyaṃ,
Yassa tejena dāvaggi,
mahāsattaṃ vivajjayi.

Therassa Sāriputtassa,
lokanāthena bhāsitaṃ,
Kappaṭṭhāyiṃ mahātejaṃ,
parittaṃ taṃ bhaṇāma he.

By the power of this discourse, the forest-fire passed over the Great Being (the Bodhisatta) who was born as a quail, fulfilling the necessary requisites for enlightenment.

Let us recite this discourse, which was expounded by the saviour of the world (the Buddha) to the Elder Sāriputta, and which will be efficacious for aeons, being endowed with mighty powers.

1. Atthi loke sīlaguṇo,
saccaṃ soceyya ’nuddayā
Tena saccena kāhāmi,

There is the quality of virtue in the world, there’s truth, compassion, purity of life. By this truth, I’ll make a matchless asseveration of Truth.

2. Āvajjetvā dhammabalaṃ,
saritvā pubbake jine
saccakiriyamakāsa ’haṃ.

Reflecting on the Dhamma’s might, and recalling those who triumphed before, depending on the might of truth, an asseveration of Truth I wrought.

3. Santi pakkhā apatanā,
santi pādā avañcanā
Mātā pitā ca nikkhantā,
jātaveda paṭikkama.

With wings that fly not, feet that walk not yet,
Forsaken by my parents, here I lie!
Wherefore I conjure thee, dread Lord of Fire,
Primaeval Jataveda, turn! go back!

4. Saha sacce kate mayhaṃ,
mahāpajjalito sikhī
Vajjesi soḷasa karīsāni,
udakaṃ patvā yatā sikhī.
Saccena me samo natthi,
esā me saccapāramī.

I wrought my Act of Truth, and therewithal
The sheet of blazing fire left sixteen lengths
Unscathed — like flames by water met and quenched.

Vaṭṭaparittaṃ ārocaṭṭhaya vo rakkhatu

Vaṭṭaparittaṃ maṅgalaṭṭhaya vo rakkhatu

Vaṭṭaparittaṃ Niṭṭhitaṃ

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