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Khandha Parittaṃ

WMVThe Body Protection

Sabbāsīvisa jātīnaṃ,
dibbamantāgadaṃ viya,
Yaṃ nāseti visaṃ ghoraṃ,
sesañcāpi parissayaṃ.

Āṇākhettamhi sabbattha,
sabbadā sabba-pāṇinaṃ,
Sabbasopi nivāreti,
parittaṃ taṃ bhaṇāma he.

Just like divine charms and drugs, this body protection discourse nullifies the baneful poison and the other perils of all the highly poisonous creatures.

In the scope of (Buddha’s) jurisdiction,
everywhere, always for all beings, and by all means,this discourse prevents (the disasters).
Let us recite this protective discourse now.

1. Virūpakkhehi me mettaṃ,
mettaṃ Erāpathehi me;
Chabyāputtehi me mettaṃ,
mettaṃ Kaṇhāgotamakehi ca.

My love to the Lordly cobras
and to the pythons my love too,
My love to vipers, adders
and to the black Gotamas too.

2. Apādakehi me mettaṃ,
mettaṃ dvipādakehi me;
Catuppadehi me mettaṃ,
mettaṃ bahuppadehi me.

My love to those with no feet,
to those with two feet my love too.
My love to those with four feet,
to those with many feet my love too.

3. Mā maṃ apādako hiṃsi,
mā maṃ hiṃsi dvipādako;
Mā maṃ catuppado hiṃsi,
mā maṃ hiṃsi bahuppado.

Let the footless harm me not,
nor the two-footed do me harm.
Let the four-footed harm me not,
nor the many-footed do me harm.

4. Sabbe sattā sabbe pāṇā,
sabbe bhūtā ca kevalā;
Sabbe bhadrāni passantu;
mā kiñci pāpamāgamā.

All creatures and all breathing things,
all beings none excepted,
Good fortune may they see,
and may no harm come near.

5. Appamāṇo buddho,
appamāṇo dhammo;
Appamāṇo saṅgho,
pamāṇavantāni sarīsapāni;
Ahi vicchikā satapadī,
uṇṇanābhī sarabū mūsikā.

Infinite is the Buddha!
Infinite the Dhamma!
Infinite the Order!
But finite are creeping things:
Snakes, scorpions and centipedes,
spiders, lizards, rats.

6. Katā me rakkhā kataṃ me parittaṃ,
Paṭikkamantu bhūtāni;
So ’haṃ namo bhagavato,
Namo sattannaṃ sammāsambuddhānaṃ.

Now I have made this warding and protection
may those beings go away!
Him, I revere, the Blessed One,
Seven Fully Enlightened Buddhas I revere.

Khandhaparittaṃ ārocaṭṭhaya vo rakkhatu

Khandhaparittaṃ maṅgalaṭṭhaya vo rakkhatu

Khandhaparittaṃ Niṭṭhitaṃ

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