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About the Dictionary of Pali Proper Names
The Dictionary of Pali Proper Names G.P. Malalasekera is a fairly comprehensive list of names of people, places, and texts in the Pali Canon including the Mahāvaṃsa, a historical chronicle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. 

It provides only a very brief synopsis of suttas, but collects a good deal of biographical information about key disciples and supporters or opponents of the Buddha in the Canon. Cross-references are provided to the Roman script edition of the Pāḷi texts. 

As my time allows I will update and add to this site of nearly 4,000 pages. It is a useful reference that serves as a gateway into learning more about the extensive literature of the Theravāda school. 

Please let me know if you come across any errors or broken links. 

However, if the errors are due to server problems at my main domain of, please don't report them. There is a complete copy of the DPPN available on my Mirror Site on a different server.
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