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Greetings from Ohio
Greetings Dhamma Friends _/\_
I am solitary lay practitioner living in Central Ohio, USA. 

I started to really get into Buddhism about 3 years ago and mostly through a lot of the usual Mahayana sources. With exposure to Pai Canon I was drawn more into Theravada as I came to see that only Theravadan Buddhism offered something unique in its straightforward approach to transcending suffering. A lot of what's in Mahayana is interchangeable with any other form of mysticism, and I came to the conclusion that release from samsara is what interest me most, not just vague feelings of Unity and interconnectedness.

I came to this forum to hopefully learn more about Insight meditation practice in the Mahasi tradition. I am about to start reading 'In This Very Life', and thought this might be good place to ask questions.

My daily practice now is 25 minutes of breath meditation or Metta, some chanting and Dhamma study. I also work on my morality by the 5 precepts.
Thank you _/\_
Welcome to the forum. My site is mostly about the Mahāsi method. Start a new thread in Books by Other Authors forum to discuss In This Very Life.

I strongly recommend this series of video (3 on sitting, and 5 on walking, giving full instructions for practising the Mahāsi method as taught by a leading disciple at Paṇḍitārama.

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Welcome to the forum! Muditā for your practice of morality and daily meditation.

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