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Blanking out during sitting meditation
When I meditate I have a lot of blanking out experiences, for example I will notice my mind start to dream/have visions which I note as "seeing seeing", and then I will blank out and then jump up and become alert due to losing balance. I'm not sure if this is due to sloth/drowsiness or not. I also remember on the days of determination on the past retreat that they made us write down the amount of times this happens. What is the significance of this happening and is it important?

Thank you!
When I get such experiences it usually means that I have been nodding off. 

From previous questions it seems that you like sitting meditation. How much walking practice do you do? 

In the Mahāsi meditation centres, the usual recommendation is to balance walking with sitting to keep the mental faculties in balance. Too much sitting may lead to drowsiness, although it is good for tranquillity. Too much walking may lead to restless, but it's good to arouse energy. 

See A Question of Balance, which I recently added to my list fof books. 

Don't disregard walking meditation. It is at least as good as sitting meditation, and better for some meditators. 

The Benefits of Walking Meditation
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I don't do much walking meditation, usually only if a lot of sloth is present, I will read those books, thank you Venerable Sir.

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