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Books by the Venerable Ledi Sayādaw
Manuals of Buddhism is a Directory of the Buddhist Manuals written by the Venerable Ledi Sayādaw.

  1. A Manual of the Perfections 
  2. Cow Dhamma  — Part One of the Goṇasūra Dīpanī on meat-eating and intoxicants. 
  3. A Talk on Intoxicants and Gambling — Part Two of the Goṇsūra Dīpanī on intoxicants, horse-racing, and gambling.
  4. A Manual of Profound Meaning
  5. A Manual of the Excellent Man 
  6. A Manual of the Dhamma  — A reply by the Sayādaw to thirteen questions posed by lay Buddhists regarding how to deal with shameless and immoral monks.
  7. A Manual of Nutriment
  8. A Manual of Respiration
  9. A Manual of the Requisites of Enlightenment
  10. A Manual on Donation and Morality
  11. A Manual of the Path Factors
  12. A Manual of Religious Heritage
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