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Feeling of unbearableness during sitting
When I sit to meditate my sitting usually lasts 2-3 hours. Always when I start meditating I feel good for the first hour, like taking a relaxing vacation. But usually near the one hour mark the pleasure from relaxation turns to stress. The body becomes a source of stress for me, the shifting of consciousness is a source of stress, thinking, hallucinations/dreams, pain in the body that arises is a source of stress.

Eventually it gets to the point that the pain of consciousness, body, and existence itself seems unbearable.

Is this what some call the dark night stage? In some sittings I can sit like a statue unaffected for hours, and in others there's this unbearableness of existence, like almost everything I do in life is to run away and suppress this unbearableness that's always there.
It is just insight into the truth of dukkha = painful, oppressive, and unsatisfactory.

If the pain becomes unbearable after two or three hours, that's not unexpected. Get up and do some walking meditation.
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