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Mental noting vs Commentary thinking
I try to mental note everything all the time, when I'm brushing my teeth or showering, it's mostly "feeling feeling feeling, hearing hearing hearing". Is the purpose of mental noting to keep us present and away from commentary thinking? Whenever I have commentary thinking (like a script/story) it seems to take me off into imagination land which takes me away from the present moment.  Commentary thinking seems to be based on past and future, which seems to be based on anxiety/restlessness. For example, in the past I would think of what I should say in a future scenario, or what I should have said in a past scenario, and this puts me into imagination land, which is away from the present moment.

Also, should one keep mental notes at the 5 aggregates level instead of detailed noting? For example, instead of noting "brushing teeth" one would note "feeling, hearing, seeing".. what about "Touching" vs "Feeling"?  Also, if I am imagining something in my head should I note "seeing" or "imagining"?

I noticed as well that if my attention is on feeling this gets me into "liking" and "disliking", and "wanting/not wanting", but if my attention is on another sensation like hearing then I am less attached to wanting/liking/disliking. Should one try to control the attention in this manner, or is it better to note the dominant sensation?

Thank you
Don't over-conceptualise about the mental noting. It's purpose is simply to direct attention to the mental or physical phenomenon that is apparent in the present moment. So, note the element of motion while brushing the teeth.

Mental noting is the jhāna factor of initial application (vitakka), that pushes the mind towards the object being noted.

Watch Venerable YuttaDhamma's explanation of mental noting.
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