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Meditation advice
Venerable Bhikkhu Pesala.

Can you please give me some advice on my meditation? 

I have been meditating for the past 24 years and I am from Sri Lanka. Here in Sri Lanka, the meditation teachers mainly follow the Mahasi Method, which I have been practising , but I also do a bit of samatha as well.

I won't go to describe all that I have experienced as I feel it will be too long. Hence I will write about what has been happening these past few years. 

I have experienced, that what I see  ( the object) is vibrating and also the eye  is vibrating.  Hearing also breaks up and then I feel a vibration in the ear drum. As to the nose and smells, some times I can smell things that are very subtle , but some times I don't smell at all. As to the taste, at times it is there and at times, it's not there. 

When I meditate now, I find that all the sensations have ceased and there is only a state of knowing. 

Venerable Sir, I am suffering from a connective tissue disorder which does cause a lot of pain. When I go on retreat, I find that the pain comes up, but all the teachers here, tell me not to mentally note the pain as I will be just stuck there, hence to stick with the breath. 

Bhante, I have read the book Dhamma therapy where meditators were cured of their disease. My question is, did they observed the painful sensations or did they stick to the breath. Should I watch the painful sensations at this stage of my meditation, or should I simply watch the breath? 

My teacher has told me as this is due to a sickness, if I go to watch it, then I will be stuck there and not progress,   hence to ignore it and stay on the breath.

Can you please advice me  on what I should do.

Thanking you in advance.

With metta

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