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Hello from California
Quote:One day I may even learn Pali to read them like that, but that may just be wishful thinking. 
It is not wishful thinking. Learning Pāḷi properly is a big undertaking, like learning to read and write in any new language, but it is not particularly hard to learn enough to follow the gist of a text. 

My knowledge of Pāḷi grammar is basic. I only studied a couple of books used in Sri Lankan schools: New Pali Course Part I and Part II. 

You will find An Exposition of the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta  and expositions of other key discourses on my web pages. If you want to delve a bit deeper, install the CST4 Tipitaka or look up words in the Pali Text Society Dictionary. I have added it as a search engine in my browser. You can even look up English words.
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