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Books by Other Authors
Bhaddanta Vicittasārābhivaṃsa
The Great Chronicle of the Buddhas
This Sayādaw was the first to memorise the entire Tipiṭaka. This chapter explains the ten perfections cultivated by a Bodhisatta to become a Buddha.

Mahāgandhayon Sayādaw
Buddhist Wisdom (42 pp) » PDF (560 K)
This Sayādaw was the Principal of the Pāḷi University in Mandalay called Mahāgandhayon. Monks from all over Burma studied under him.

Sayādaw U Silānanda
The Benefits of Walking Meditation
The Sayādaw was a senior meditation master who resided in the USA for many years. He was the spiritual director of the »» Theravāda Buddhist Society of America.

Sayādaw U Paṇḍita
»» On the Path to Freedom (PDF 2.31 Mbytes)
In This Very Life (Hosted for  
The Sayādaw was a senior meditation master and teacher of foreign meditators at Mahāsi Yeikthā, and established his own meditation centres, Paṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon Sāsana Yeikthā, in Rangoon and Hse Mine Gon Forest Meditation Centre about 40 miles north of Rangoon.
The Sayādaw passed away on 16th April 2016.

Chanmyay Sayādaw U Janaka
  1. Vipassanā Meditation Guidelines (12 pp) » PDF (294 K)
  2.  Ānāpānassati: Samatha or Vipassanā? (20 pp) » PDF (317 K)
  3.  A Great Man (12 pp) » PDF (256 K)
Sayādaw U Janaka was appointed as a meditation teacher by Mahāsi Sayādaw in 1967. He interpreted for him on his foreign missions to the USA and Europe in 1979-1980. He moved to »»Chanmyay Yeiktha in 1977.

Sayādaw U Kuṇḍalābhivaṃsa
»» Dhamma Discourses (PDF 336 Kbytes)
A senior disciple of Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw with his own meditation centre — Saddhammaraṃsi Yeikthā — in Rangoon.

Bhikkhu Visuddhācāra
Healing Through Insight Meditation (12 pp) » PDF (261 K)
Bhikkhu Visuddhācāra practised at Mahāsi Yeikthā, when he met Daw Hla Myint, who was caring for sick meditators. Her remarkable story forms the subject of his book.

U Hla Myint
Questions and Answers
Three articles by a senior lay disciple of the Sayādaw U Paṇḍita in response to some criticisms of the Mahāsi meditation method by learned Sayādaws.

Terry Shine
Honour Thy Fathers (118 pp) » PDF (2.08 Mb)
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