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Books by the Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw
I updated A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta.

The translation of appassutatā was changed from  “Illiteracy,” to “Nescience.” This is still not ideal, but perhaps a little more accurate for a term that means literally “having heard little.” Nescient means lacking knowledge, unlearned. Wordweb defines “nescience” as “Ignorance (especially of orthodox beliefs).”

The translation of sandiṭṭhiparāmāsa was changed from “Bigotry,” to “Dogmatism,” which I think is much better. The original term used was bigotry, which I simply retained in my edition until now. The literal meaning is “clinging to one’s own view.”

Some other spelling errors were corrected, and the Index was improved.
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