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Meditation advice
If you read the various case histories from Dhamma Therapy Revisited the usual advice seems to be keep on noting the painful sensations until they break up.

My meditation teacher, Chanmyay Sayādaw, said that when pain comes we should welcome it as it is our best friend. By penetrating painful sensations we can gain insight into the three characteristics: Impermanence (anicca), suffering or unsatisfactoriness (dukkha), and not-self (anatta) which also means the characteristic of not obeying our wish or command.

However much you want the pain to go away, it does not obey your wish or command, so it not yours. It arises dependent on conditions, and will cease when the conditions cease.

Seeing the objects as vibrating or intermittent means the characteristic of impermanence.

Only if the pain become unbearable and oppressive it is OK to do some samatha meditation such as loving-kindness or recollection of the Buddha to give the mind some relief, before resuming the method of insight though bare attention to the phenomena.
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