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Hello from Spain - Adán - 07-04-2017


My name is Adán. I am from Tenerife, Spain. English is not my first language, I don´t even have a good level. I've just known that Bhante Pesala, who I have been following in Dhamma Wheel, has opened this forum. I am very happy. At last a serious buddhist forum.

I am a solitary buddhist. I try to practice at home and in my daily life. My intention here is to follow the posts and learn, and ask questions if I can. I hope this site serves me as a help.

My avatar is an old man with a handful of leaves, I love this simile of Buddha´s teachings.

Thank you Bhante

RE: Hello from Spain - Bhikkhu Pesala - 07-04-2017

Welcome to the forum.

There is so much to learn, even from the handful of leaves that the Buddha showed us. We should leave alone whatever he did not teach, and focus our attention on learning what he did teach.

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