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Acariya - Bhikkhu Pesala - 06-10-2017

  1. Version 1.70 replaced Romanian localised forms with a Stylistic Set. 
  2. Irony punctuation reversed question mark is a Standard Ligature substitution for ??, while Interrobang replaces ?! and inverse interrobang replaces ¿¡. 
  3. Super/subscript glyphs (×÷) and thin space were added for use with fractions.
  4. Kerning pairs were added for subscripts and fractions that use them. 
  5. Character Variants were improved and are now included in the Web and WOFF versions.
  6. Alternative Fractions were improved and some bugs were fixed.

RE: Acariya 1.70 - 10/6/2017 - Bhikkhu Pesala - 10-28-2017

Version 1.80 added the Bitcoin currency symbol for Unicode 10, and Transport and Map symbols for Stupa and Pagoda. Kerning pairs were improved.


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