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Greetings from WA, USA! - Sam - 01-10-2018

I am a lay practitioner who had the mental release in 2011 and, after going through some extremely intense experiences with the body (including brain surgery), finally had the bodily release last November.  It got me right back to the gym!  Because the release happened so young, Buddha ordered me to maintain the bodily form.  Boy was it fat and out of shape in November.  We are talking borderline obese here.

I am very happy to be on this forum.  I found this forum from Dhamma Wheel and Bhikkhu Pesala is the person I trust most over there.  Really looking for a forum where expression of self-suffering is minimized.  I got sick of those Mahayana Buddhists at Zen Forum International.  The insistence on maintaining the state of Non-Returning to fulfill the Bodhisattva path in hopes of a future Buddhahood simply does not appeal to me.  When there is a Buddha in a world system, the teaching does not get lost in that world system.  And there are plenty of other world systems with better candidates for Buddhas than Earth.

Anyway, I'm presently happy and peaceful.  Thanks much for this forum.

RE: Greetings from WA, USA! - Bhikkhu Pesala - 01-11-2018

Welcome to my forum Sam.

My intention with this forum is to keep discussion limited mostly to what the Buddha taught. I Have set up separate forums for discussing Theravāda Buddhism, Meditation, and the publications published on my website.

RE: Greetings from WA, USA! - Lipham - 02-21-2018

That's an inspirational story. I'm so glad for you, Sam!

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