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Full Version: Kīṭagiri Sutta, Majjhimanikāya Sutta 70
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I have just added the Kīṭagiri Sutta, an important discourse from the Middle-length Sayings, Sutta 70, which was given to a group of shameless monks dwelling at Kīṭagiri, who were the followers of Assaji and Punabbasu, known collectively as Assaji-Punabbasukā.

Their bad reputation as corrupters of families was causing great harm to their lay supporters as well as themselves. The Buddha went there to admonish them by teaching this discourse, but they would not change their ways. They were banished from the place and later left the Saṅgha. 

The discourse contains teachings on the benefits of eating only one meal a day, on the kinds of feelings to be abandoned and those to be acquired, the gradual training the seven kinds of individuals, two kinds of which are Arahants with nothing further to do, and the other five kinds in need of further training.
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