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Full Version: An Exposition of the Metta Sutta
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GreetingsĀ Bhante Pesala

On page 15 you say (paraphrasing)"after achieve jhana on loving-kindness meditation, or at least some degree of concentration, you contemplate thoughts of Metta with bare awareness."

Could you go into more detail about contemplation of Metta with bare awareness, please?
Contemplate the mental state as a process. Then one can see that the mental state is conditioned, impermanent, and not-self.

Thinking, "May my lay supporters be happy," one must hold a mental image of those people in mind. Divert the attention to the mental process itself, or to feelings in the heart area when one thinks such wholesome thoughts. These feelings are also conditioned, impermanent, arising and passing away from moment to moment.

This is the path leading to insight. Compare How to Proceed to Insight when having developed concentration using the object of respiration for tranquillity.
Thank you for the reply Bhante. I will read 'How to Proceed to Insight' this weekend. I actually just got the hard copy of that book off Amazon.
I have updated the PDF and the HTML page for An Exposition of the Metta Sutta
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