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Full Version: Pacalāyamāna Sutta — Falling Asleep
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Added the Pacalāyamāna Sutta — Falling Asleep

The Buddha exhorts Mahāmoggallāna, teaching him seven methods for staying awake. He then attains Arahantship just seven days after his ordination.
"If, by abiding thus, you are not able to expel the drowsiness, Moggallāna, then pay attention to the perception of light, resolving on the perception of daytime — as it is by day so it is by night; as it is by night, so it is by day. Thus with the mind awake and clear, develop a mind pervaded with light. Then it is possible, Moggallāna, that abiding thus you will be able to expel the drowsiness.[87]"

What does it mean, bhante, to develop a mind pervaded by light, and how is that accomplished?
Drowsiness in sitting meditation is a big problem for me because my work is very physical and hard my body, so when I sit my body says sleep.
To be honest, I don't know, never having tried it myself.

Sitting out in the open air certainly helps, especially if there's a full-moon.
"pay attention to the perception of light, resolving on the perception of daytime... "

Although I don't know either, it appears to me it is by putting ones attention on the perception of light.  Allowing the mind to perceive light as it is perceived in daytime.
Interesting...Thank you Jeff
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