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1. Kitti.– A court official of Kassapa Vikkamabāhu, son of Mahinda V. He lived in Makkhakudrūsa, and when the Coḷā pillaged Rohaṇa, he, with the help of the minister Buddha of Māragallaka, defeated them and drove them to Pulatthipura. When the king offered him a boon, he desired that the portion of his revenues appropriated by the monks should be remitted. Cv.lv.26 ff.

2. Kitti.– Commander-in-chief of Kassapa Vikkamabāhu. When the king died he seized the throne and reigned for eight days, until be was killed by Mahālāna-Kitti. Cv.lvi.7 f.

3. Kitti.– The name of Vijayabāhu I before he became king. Cv.lvii.3, 46, 49.

4. Kitti.– Commander-in-chief of Vikkamabāhu. He was slain by Viradeva. Cv.lxi.41.

5. Kitti Lankādhinātha.– A general of Parakkamabāhu I. His son was Laṅkāpura. They both took part in the great fight against Gajabāhu. In recognition of his services he was given the office of Laṅkādhikari; he was earlier known as the Saṅkhanāyaka. He helped in liberating Gajabāhu from the power of Mānābharaṇa, and later defeated the forces of Gajabāhu when they attacked Parakkamabāhu (Cv.lxx.205, 215‑20, 278, 300, 316). Kitti took part in the campaigns of Parakkamabāhu against his foes, these latter being defeated at the Yakkhasūkara ford and at Billagāma. Later, as a result of disregarding the king’s instructions, Kitti fell into the enemy’s hands at Surulla (Cv.lxxii.21, 122, 138). He was, however, pardoned and sent to Dīghavāpi, where be helped in winning for Parakkamabāhu the Sacred Bowl and the Tooth Relics (Cv.lxxiv.90, 110, 119, 136 ff).

6. Kitti.– Another general of Parakkamabāhu I; one of the two Daṇḍanāyakabhātaro (q.v.), the other being Saṅkhadhātu. Kitti was granted the rank of Nagaragalla. Cv.lxx.280; lxxii.162.

7. Kitti Ādipotthakī.– A minister of Parakkamabāhu I. He was first stationed at the Assamandala ford and later at Maṅgalabegāma. Afterwards he was sent to Anurādhapura against Mahinda and to Kyānagāma against Mānābharaṇa (Cv.lxxii.27, 160, 207). He seems to have been known also as Bhandārapotthakī (Cv.lxxii.82) and Jīvitapotthakī. Cv.lxxiv.90.

8. Kitti Laṅkāpura.– A general of Parakkamabāhu I and son of Kitti Laṅkādhinātha (Cv.lxx.218). During the king’s campaign against his enemies, Kitti was posted at Balapāsana (Cv.lxxiv.178).

9. Kitti Nagaragiri.– A general of Parakkamabāhu I. He was one of the generals in charge of the Sinhalese expedition to Rāmañña and led the attack against the port of Kusumi. Cv.lxxvl.60.

10. Kitti Kesadhātu.– A general of Parakkamabāhu I. He was one of the leaders of the Sinhalese army that fought against the Damiḷā (Cv.lxxvi.255, 269). He may be identical with Kitti (9).

11. Kitti senāpati.– General of Lilāvatī. He deposed Codagaṅga, placed Līlāvatī on the throne, and carried on the government for three years (1197‑1200) (Cv.lxxx.30). He was a patron of learning (P.L.C.207).

12. Kitti (v.l. Kittā).– Daughter of Kittaggabodhi, ruler of Rohaṇa, and wife of Mahinda, uparāja of Sena I. (Cc.l.50, 60). Her brothers were Kassapa, Sena, and Udaya. She had one daughter and four sons, one of whom was the Ādipāda of Kittaggabodhi (Cv.li.16, 94).

13. Kitti.– Queen of Mahinda IV. She built a pariveṇa to the west of the Thūpārāma, and had baths built there and in Kappāsagāma and Cīvaracetiya. She dedicated a golden banner twelve cubits long to the Mahā Thūpa. Cv.liv.50 ff